Using WhatsApp for learning English

Make whatsapp your English-learning app

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You probably already have whatsapp installed on your phone or one of your smart devices. Hey, you might have even figured out a way to install it on your PC, (I will show you how this is done if not). The fact is, that you know your way around this minimalistic app and its common uses.

True that it has no integrated dictionary, nor does it have any correction tools like “Hello Talk”, but what it does have in its simplistic layout will blow your mind away as to the efficiency and as a conversational and text exchange tool.

Using WhatsApp for learning English
Using WhatsApp for learning English


Why do I recommend Whatsapp?

If I was to tell you during a quick conversation that Whatsapp is the best English-Learning tool  you probably wouldn’t believe it; but here are my reasons:

. Back to Back exchange. Regarding quick response and immediacy of awareness, WhatsApp is probably the app with the highest rate of attention on behalf of users, in the sense that they will stay tuned for notifications and text messages in comparison to any other app around there. So be sure that while in a Whatsapp group that is dedicated to the practice of English, you will be replied to rather sooner than later.

.Plain and Simple interface. Being interface-friendly, definitely makes WhatsApp an accessible tool for communication, and not only that, but if you’re using it to learn English, you can punch in lines at the slightest of breaks, or when you’re going to the bathroom, easily encouraging you to practice your English under situations of work pressure, without you being invested to the task, but rather, finding relief in how easy it is to exchange in 5 seconds of a breather.

. Voice messaging. Making it easy to record your voice with the simple push of a button, getting an instant reply to it with low data usage, makes Whatsapp wonderful for voice exchange on the go. You can send an audio file while walking out of the office, just before settling in your comfortable couch, or even during the most imaginative of times.

. Free Calling. If you have a good wi-fi signal, you can make great quality calls with whatsapp.

Keys to learning English with Whatsapp. 

One on One chat. You can contact friends who are native speakers and ask them to join you on whatsapp, engage in English conversation and exchange voice messages whenever you can. Advanced learners also provide good learning opportunities.

Discuss your interests or everyday activities to begin with, follow up with expressing emotions regarding political or cultural topics.

Another great way of engaging with Native English-Speakers is to add people from other countries on English forums on Facebook or Twitter.

If that makes you uncomfortable you can always recur to language exchange sites.

Group Chats. Groups in whatsapp work great. You can add people from all over the world and not be concerned about having to engage in every single conversation. In addition to this, you can get a glimpse of who you’re talking to if a personal picture is available on their avatars. You can establish the topics to be discussed and since all know its an English group it will flow on its own.

WhatsApp provides listings for groups all over the world. To enter you will provide your phone number associated to your Whatsapp account; or if the groups provide a link to enter the group, it’s simply a matter of opening the link and you will be immediately added. Simple, right?

Here’s a list of several of these groups created for people like you in mind:


.English World-Wide 

Calls on Whatsapp. Out of the tools Whatsapp has to offer, the calling feature is the most advantageous once you have mustered the confidence to call and see your learning-friends face to face. Take it to the next level and perfect your listening skills with the crisp-clear voice feature.

An important feature is that you can text your friends while continuing the call; this enables you to send texts that you wish corrected or have doubts on. There are other apps that offer similar features that are also interesting, try the out!

All this being said, and now that this information has been given to you, why not try it out? Make the best use of all the features and start gaining confidence and build up your English skills with this wonderful app.

Just have fun with it, and if you don’t have Whatsapp installed yet, get it here, it’s easy and quick and will definitely change the way you learn English.

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by Alberto Monroy


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