Preposition Practice

Prepositions are those little abstract words that express a relationship between words or even short sentences. Prepositions can sometimes be difficult for people because they are “abstract”: what does the word abstract mean? Well, it means that they cannot be associated to something physical or a quality like adjectives. Take the color blue for example. Blue is easy to think about in relation to an object; but try thinking about the word “up” without relating it to an object. How about it? Difficult is it not? Well… good news is I’ve prepared a little exercise for you guys to practice your prepositions. You will attempt to provide the opposite prepositions for the ones I will list here; but not only that, you will try a little harder to change the sentence to adapt to the opposite preposition. Here, let me give you a freebie! Let’s take the picture with the big bad Lizard on top of the gentile and sweet Lion King. How would you change this sentence to fit the opposite prepositional clause? I’ll help. This is how it would turn out: “A Lion under a Lizard”. Try the rest! Some are not as easy, but you can play with the order of words and even change some things around.

Good Luck!


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